Charleston Family Photographer-Girly Girls

Charleston Family Photographer-

This family has become more than just clients of mine they have become personal friends of mine. I have watched these 3 children grow up through the years from just little babies. We both have a love for competitive cheerleading and watching our girls advance more and more each season. Amanda is also an awesome business owner herself and can relate to the struggles of running a business, staying up late every night to make sure the work day is complete(because we chat late at night via FB, lol)being the boss, banker, clerk, receptionist, accountant, and the many other jobs/duties of owning your own business as well as playing the balancing act of being a taxi driver, a crazy cheer mom, a baseball mom, the cleaning lady, a cook, and a wife. With all the chaos of running a business and a household we as moms sometimes loose ourselves in all of the craziness. Because if we lost all of those things in life that we consider “important” to live we would realize the “important” things in life that make us truly”live”is our families. But at the end of the day we both know our families will always come first and we agreed to make sure we captured those memories for her. As I sit here writing this I realize that even though my life seems so crazy and chaotic sometimes that I wouldn’t change a thing. I love what I do and I still have the capability of watching my children grow up as well as watching all of my clients children grow up. I also tell myself consistently to stop and take the time to give my children the attention they need even when I feel like I am just too busy to stop. I know as a mom that we all question ourselves if we are doing the right thing? Are we good moms? I know that I “mother” my children the best way I know how and each day I try to be a better mom than I was the day before.



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